We design intentionally, approaching each project with just the right level of experimentation, innovation and creativity.

From Startups to Corporates, we have a tailored solution to transform brands at each step of their business growth.

We specialise in a holistic service offering, but also enable our clients to select the services that suit their immediate business needs.

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We help businesses identify and address some of the biggest challenges they may be facing.

The aim of a Discovery Session is to make sure internal opinions and expectations are aligned between key decision makers and to extract insights about a business.

These insights can then be used to create a strategic foundation from which to develop the branding and assists us in providing our clients with an accurate quote related to the scope of work.

With the right mix of tools, research and experience, we provide our clients with tangible solutions and an actionable roadmap.
The Brand Workshop is divided into two sessions over two days. By involving key decision makers it enables us to create alignment on the brand direction.
The output is a document that contains a snapshot of the brand personality, target market requirements and prioritised goals.

We bring the best in design to help businesses build brands with impact. Using key insights, we design brand identities that communicate our clients’ brand messages and promote their business goals.

Logo Design

As the key asset that forms the foundation of a business, we make sure to differentiate our clients’ brands from their competitors. 

We supply finalised logos for print and digital application.

Visual Language development

/ Colour selection 
/ Typographic selection
/ Illustration / Iconographic style
/ Image treatment

What our clients get

We hand over a brand document that provides an overview of the visual identity system, including digital mockups to show possible roll-out. Once the identity is approved, design for specific assets can be done.

We also develop branding guidelines (CI styleguides) that help our clients manage their brands in-house.

We provide clients with a consistent experience across all communication channels. Brand Assets can be selected based on each client’s requirements.
Recommended Brand Assets for Startups


/ Email signature
/ Business card
/ Letterhead
/ Pitch deck design
/ Social media design and templates 

General Brand Assets for print or digital applications


/ Presentation template
/ Illustration
/ Packaging design
/ Animation
/ Custom print and/or digital design elements

Our digital design offering includes well designed website experiences that work across all required screen sizes. Timelines for websites are project dependent.

User experience

Establishing simple and effective digital user journeys form a vital basis for any website or digital product. We map out and test the user experience with interactive prototyping before we start with design and development.


We design and develop websites for WordPress and Shopify platforms. We also assist our clients with a training session to make internal content management a breeze.

Ecommerce websites

From established wineries to high-end furniture companies, we’ve helped clients set up shop in either WooCommerce or Shopify.

We turn clients’ marketing campaign strategies into beautifully designed content in quick turnaround time.


/ Art direction
/ Design and Editing


/ Illustration
/ Art direction for campaign photography


We create animations that can be used for social media posts and campaigns, as well as broadcast for television. 

Maintaining brand and communication excellence can be complicated. That’s why we provide ongoing support in areas where our clients need assistance.

Design Support (post branding)

We provide design services on an ongoing basis for all our clients. Examples include design for social media posts and campaigns, changes and updates for brand assets and more. 

Design support can be arranged ad hoc or via a retainer agreement.

Website Support

For WordPress & Shopify websites:
/ CMS training
/ Technical support
/ Updates and maintenance

Creative Consultation

/ Creative Direction for specific projects
/ Creative Consultation per hour 
/ Print production management

Let’s go from potential to product.

Our Terms of Service

All projects are subject to our Terms of Service, which we provide to clients before we commence with business. Our terms provide a comprehensive overview of our processes in relation to the project scope and ensures that our clients understand these as well.

You are welcome to send us an email with any queries.